Management Myth # 1: Management is easy

There might be hundreds of ‘Management in 7 EaZee Steps’ books out there. That doesn’t make management easy. It makes management a good topic for a clever writer.

Management is a complex career choice.


It calls for a variety of skills that you will have to use at any given time.

Product or service

Obviously you will know the product or service your company sells, well.

That is a given. Unfortunately it is not the only one.


You will have to be able to work with people.

And not on a social level. Being a ‘people-person’ doesn’t make you a good manager. Because this isn’t chatting to your friends over a beer after work.

  • This is telling people who used to be your friends, to pull themselves together and stop stealing work-time by playing endless Facebook games.
  • This is networking and reaching out to connect with people you absolutely abhor because they are an important link in achieving your company’s goals.
  • This means setting aside your personal and political beliefs to be able to act in a way that isn’t biased or discriminatory.


You have to be able to communicate.

  • Clearly.
  • Regularly.
  • In person.
  • On the phone.
  • On paper.
  • Online.

You have to be able to use different platforms and styles of communication.

  • If you are not sure how to write a report, you will have to learn pretty fast.
  • If you have never created a proposal or a presentation – now’s the time to learn how to do this!

You have to make sure that people who nod and agree with what you tell them to do, actually understood you clearly.

And initially you will be stuck in a perpetual state of ‘how could they not understand?’.

Get over it.


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